Guest Information

We look forward to welcoming you to our club. The following information will guide you on your visit.

Please drive into the bag drop area and check-in with the starter. You can then park your car in the upper or lower parking lot. Please proceed to the golf shop located on the main level of the clubhouse. Our Golf Shop staff will greet and accompany you to the locker room or one of the lounges. You can use our practice facilities while you wait for the other players in your group to arrive.

All personal communication devices must be set on vibrate or silent mode. Cell phone calls are only permitted in the parking lot or locker rooms provided that common courtesy is exercised at all times. Discreet, non-verbal (silent) communication, e.g., text messaging, emails and scheduling is permissible.

All rounds of 18 holes should be played within 4 hours and 2 minutes or less, with no more than a 13-minute gap between the group that immediately preceded you on the first tee. Play ready golf!